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Inside Story

The tail doesn’t wag the dog here.

Virtual Reality. We make sure the technology serves the story. Working in this new medium, our Indy VR filmmakers are not only talented and visionary, they are hackers. Inventing language, style and techniques that continually raise the bar.

The marriage of storytelling, technologies and the right filmmakers.

Story ALWAYS comes first. Narrative, documentary, immersive journalism, live, animation- VR has many formats. We pride ourselves on superb matchmaking- marrying the right filmmakers to the right projects to create high value, high quality immersive story-driven experiences from 360 video to full immersion.


What We Do



We work with creators and executives in traditional media to help them understand both the creative and business opportunities brought by VR/360 filmmaking. Through up-to-the-minute presentations and hands on demonstrations to brainstorming sessions with independent filmmakers we create the foundation for successful VR.


Strategy & Planning

We’ll work with you to answer the what, who, where, when, how and most importantly the why. The VR content value chain and ecosystem is fluid. We make sure you’re current on the technology, the opportunities and the audience.



Storytelling in VR is a specialized art. We will work with your creative team to tell the story you want to tell. Whether we concept the story for you or execute on your vision, we will work with you to rapidly onboard the necessary capabilities and create content for any 360/VR platform saving you time, money and frustration.



You’re success truly depends on the VR skill sets and team assembled to create, produce and distribute the highest quality story-driven experience. You benefit from StoryTech® Immersive’s network which includes technology companies providing hardware and software, master VR storytellers and distributors.