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Genres:    Documentary, Journalism
Films:   Honor Everywhere
Platforms:   Oculus, Vive, GearVR, Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens
Awards:  12 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, 8 Regional Emmy® Awards

The Story of StoryUp

StoryUp™ is an award winning independent VR/AR native media company comprised of a team of journalists and digital creatives with a social purpose. Enabled by cutting edge immersive media technology, the company maximizes the power of virtual and mixed reality to touch hearts and minds through experiential journalism and documentary. StoryUp believes story is a verb that in action can provide hope, influence mindfulness and affect change. StoryUp’s productions educate, combat loneliness, foster compassion, healing and happiness as well as transport people to places and experiences they might not otherwise be able to have. Thanks to StoryUp the stories that make a difference are no longer at arms length. They are all around us.

Sarah Hill